Friendly Pirate Custom Video Message

This option has been popular for kids that are shy and need a warm-up to talking to their favorite character in a live chat. Seeing a message gram that says, "I hope that someday we'll get to chat!" adds to their surprise of getting a video call and they'll feel so special and be ready to play.

With high-quality costumes and top video recording and editing equipment, all messages are created with attention to detail, magic and a lot of love.

Video Message
-Personalized video made special for your prince or princess
- Text intro with character name, message title, and their name. (Ex: Elsa's Happy Birthday wish to Lisa)
-Around 1-3 minutes long video
-Recorded in a professional studio
-Themed background music
-Will be sent by a hidden YouTube link, or link to Google Drive file

Please note: we have a 1-week processing time.

Your chosen character will address your child by name and will include the info you send to us. Favorite color, hobby, recent accomplishments, names of brothers and sisters, pet, or something else!

If it is for a birthday, then your character will sing the happy birthday song.
You certainly don't need a reason for a personalized character message. Good morning, get well soon messages, good news or announcements. Even small routine achievements can be encouraged by their virtual friend! (Eating their veggies, brushing their teeth, etc.)
Let's build a relationship!

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