Cute Clown Magic Puppet Show Gender Neutral

Let's talk about the fun activities! First we'll talk a bit to get to know each other and the things that make the day special and fun.
I'll read aloud a shared-screen picture book, introduce a few of my puppet friends, and do some magic tricks! If you have a new toy, or some candy, or any sort of gift or treat that you can give your child, I can help you present it magically! I'll put a present prop into a pan, put the lid over it, then open it again to show that the present has disappeared. Then they'll go and find the present that you have already hidden! Yay! You can provide any hints on where to find the surprise. There is the option to order the surprise gift and/or follow-along craft in the mail ahead of time from my online shop. That way, I can show the same item on the screen.

If not ordering ahead, you can prep some colored paper and art supplies, (crayons, markers, or paint?) because a fun activity option that we can do together is to draw a big princess crown or magic wand on the paper and color it in with fun colors and patterns, and then using scissors cut it out. Then you'll have some beautiful artwork to decorate with and your child will be proud that they made art with their new friend.
Depending on the timing and if we feel like it, we can get our wiggles out. (If there's a bit of room to stand up!) To do a sing along dance party! I'll sing a couple of my character's favorite songs, and maybe a party song to play freeze dance with too.